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Download (FREE*):
ePilot Logbook 2002/3/XP (Windows XP only)
2.1M B
ePilot Logbook 2007 (Windows XP & Vista & W7)
2.2M B
ePilot Logbook 2007 with Access2007 Runtime*** (Windows XP & Vista & W7)
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*Shareware (only US$ 39 to register/receive unlock key)
To receive your personal unlock key, click "Order".

Note: The software is fully functional, however, if you do not register (buy for US$ 39), the software will run in demo mode. The demo version is limited to 30 entries. Once you have purchased, received and entered the correct unlock code, the 30 entry limitation is no longer valid. You will not loose any data.

The application requires that MS Access 2002/3 or 2007 is installed on your computer.

***If you don't have MS Access installed, you can download and install ePilot Logbook 2007 with Access2007 Runtime.

***Caution: DO NOT INSTALL EPL with Runtime if you have Access already installed. The Runtime version is likely to mess with your current full installation!

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Setup Instructions: The Electronic Pilot Logbook download is a zip file which contains the files needed to install the software. Once you have downloaded the file to your hard drive, you will need a Zip utility such as WinZip to unzip the files. If you do not have the WinZip utility, you can download a trial version from

You can either extract the file or run the setup file directly from the WinZip window: Double-click setup_eplXP.exe or setup_epl2007.exe to begin installing Electronic Pilot Logbook. All files must be installed in C:\EPL - the setup procedure will do this for you. Do not move files from this directory, or the application will not work properly. Furthermore, you must allow Access to open the application (Access 2007: VBA code and Macros may prevent EPL from starting. How to change the settings in MS Access 2007 Trust Center, please refer to our FAQ page).

For EPL2007 with Runtime (i.e users with no MS Access installed): DO NOT download and install ePilot Logbook 2007 with Access2007 Runtime if you're not 100% positive that you do not have Access on your computer!

The below files will be extracted and must be present in the C:\EPL directory after setup is completed:

  • eplXP.mde or epl_2007.accde
  • epl help.pdf
  • Airplane.ico
  • MouseHook.dll
  • epl-data.mdb or epl-data2007.accdb
  • Setup.txt
  • Disclaimer.txt
  • EULA.txt
  • kabmac.dat

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