Electronic Pilot Logbook

Name: Vcysfaik
Certification: dmfsqnxh@alzdhmvv.com
Date Posted: 00:20, 03 02 2017
Message: comment6, http://viatrust.top read more, 757,

Name: Keith
Certification: ATP
Date Posted: 20:15, 19 11 2012
Message: I want to print not each entry page. I would like to print 15 entries per page much like I would if I used a regular logbook. Is there a way to do this? Often times I get asked to provide the last 3 pages of my logbook for inspection. Not the last 3 entries. Please advise.

Name: Dave Hosking
Certification: Student Pilot
Date Posted: 05:52, 06 06 2012
Message: Like it so far. Great back up to real log book. Will you be putting out an iPhone ap for this?

Certification: 2777567
Date Posted: 01:05, 06 04 2010
Message: When I try to use the "FIND" button, I first click on for example the depart date field then the find button and type in a date that I know is in an entry, it comes up as not find. Please give me an example of how to enter the string.

Ray, choose "Any part of field" instead of "Whole field" and de-select "Search Fields As Formatted". Depending on MS Access' settings (slashes, commas or dots as delimiting characters), try for example
"*.10.1994" for all entries in October, 1994
"*.1994" for all entries in 1994
Alternatively it could work as follows:
"*10/1996" returns flights conducted only on the 10th day of any month in 1996.

Name: david mabe
Certification: comm/inst sel
Date Posted: 22:05, 25 03 2010
Message: wanting to print the report to printed logbook pages. Any suggestions. Like the format and am going to buy it. Just want to print logbook pages.

David, run the report 'complete logbook' and hit Control and P ( <ctrl> + p )

Name: A. Dunville
Certification: ATPL
Date Posted: 17:04, 08 03 2010
Message: Excellent logbook. Easy to use.
I love the distance flown aspect.
Overall, very useful and accurate.

Name: Ray Amann
Certification: ATP
Date Posted: 23:09, 26 12 2009
Message: Over all this appears to be a decent electronic log book. I'd like to be able to log PIC and SIC time on the same log book page. I often fly 6,7 or even 9 legs on the same day and prefer to log the entire day as one entry and list the legs for the day in the remarks column. The PIC/SIC switch doesn't allow for this.

Name: Walter Lynn Winter
Certification: Commercial
Date Posted: 23:53, 06 12 2009
Message: Would like to see a column for NVG operations

Night Vision Imaging Systems / Time and Currency according to 14 CFR Part(s) 121/135 is currently not supported. You can log NVG Time by renaming the field "Other Time" into NVG Time (so at least you can keep track of your NVG Time/Landings).

Name: Mitch Clifford
Certification: ATP
Date Posted: 23:47, 04 11 2009
Message: Just picked this up about two days ago, so far I am enamored with this, its easy, simple, well layed out, and the numerous reports save hrs and days over going through the ol' paper trail of logbooks. The only question I have is how does one put multiple airports in one day on the same entry without having to do one leg at a time? I.E. : LAX, LAS,MDW, LGA and son on? I actually almost have fun logging hrs now. The downside which is only having to take the time to manually transfer my time from the books to computer but that my fault for not doing this years ago.
Thanks guys keep up the good work.!!!

Name: Ed Clark
Certification: Sport Pilot
Date Posted: 16:06, 09 10 2009
Message: does the program handle sport pilot related data.

can it record ultralight time and ultralight training time and segregate that from time in a n numbered aircraft to keep the 8710 data correct?

is there a screen showing 8710 summary data?


Ed - The application includes all categories which are part of the 8710 form. UL time is unfortunally not included.
A possible workaround could be to select the cat "Airplane" and to enter your data under "Other Time" (you can rename "Other time" to f.e. "Ultralight").
You UL time would be included in the 8710 summary report (Button "Reports").
Simply run the report "Ultralight" (renaming the field Other Time to Ultralight will rename all corresponding reps automatically) and deduct the UL times from the Airplane times in the FAA 8710 report.
Give it a try, maybe this workaround will work for you.

Name: Nathan
Certification: ATP
Date Posted: 23:05, 13 09 2009
Message: Please disregard my last post. My deepest appologies to this site and product it is not only legit it is a very good product. It takes a little while to get the password. Thanks

Name: Alex
Certification: Sophia.Thomas@gmail.com
Date Posted: 19:38, 17 05 2009
Message: Good site, admin.

Name: Fredrik Karlsson
Certification: Comm, ASEL, AMEL, Instrument
Date Posted: 06:05, 12 02 2009
Message: Great logbook, makes it easy to get whatever I need.
However, is there any way to run a report for other than the past 90 or 365 days, as in the past 30 or 120 days, etc...?

Fredrik - not at this time, however, we'll make sure to implement this in the next version.

Name: danny naccarato
Certification: yes
Date Posted: 17:08, 03 01 2009
Message: Looking to purchase this, but how do you handle endorsements, that were written in the paper logbook ie: Checkrides, IFR signoffs, etc?

Danny - on the lower right of the app you'll find check fields for IPC, BFR, Medical and CFI refreshers. There are several reports available: CURRENCIES - View your currency status, including instrument currency, Landings, BFR and medical. FLIGHT REVIEW & MEDICAL: A complete history of your medical and BFR dates. STUDENT REPORT: comes in handy when acting as CFI and the student or the FAA requires a comprehensive report of all flights with a specific student, including all endorsements. OR you can use the SEARCH button to find specific endorsments or checkrides. Just place the cursor into the field where you've entered endorsements (typically "General"), click the search button (binoculars), enter part of your search string, for example "checkride", make sure you select "Part of Field" and press ok. Hope this helps, if you have more questions you can use the INQUIRY page found in the menue "Order".

Name: Johan Farid Khairuddin
Certification: PPL
Date Posted: 09:59, 19 08 2008
Message: Hi guys. I think I kinda like the software but erm, how do you do the times? If I have flown for 45 minutes, how do I enter 45 minutes? If I have flown for 1hr 45minutes, do I enter 60+45minutes ie. 105mins into the fields or? I am so confused as I can even enter numbers like .7, 1.9 etc. Can someone please gmail me? I'm really used to entering values in both hours and mins, and now i'm presented with a box which can go as high as 999 I get confused. So how would I enter 2hrs and 15minutes? Thanks guys!!


Johan - typically flight times are entered in decimals, i.e. 90 minutes is 1.5 hrs. (every 6 minutes count for 0.1 hours). If you wish to enter 2hrs and 15mins then try 2.25hrs (even if the .05 is not shown in the box, the app will correctly calculate all reports and total times with your full entry).

Name: Aaron Woolsey
Certification: CFI, CFII, MEI
Date Posted: 00:26, 16 05 2008
Message: So far I love the program, the only thing i did not like was the fact that it takes awhile to get the code to unlock the program, if that could be eliminated it would be scotch free.
Thank you

Name: David Bonat
Date Posted: 08:07, 02 04 2008
Message: Extremely upset with your website after going through everything with the damn pay pal, which I was charged, I still can't download the software I bought. Where is the unlock number? No contact link on your site, not good stuff at all. Please help immediately or arrange refund.

Good morning David,
You need to download the software from our website, menu "download". The unlock code will be sent after receipt of payment, which usually takes up to 24hrs. The key has been sent to you 8hrs after receipt of your PayPal transaction. For questions please use the published Inquiry form (Menu Order) or the contact addresses shown during startup of the software.


Name: Jim Hogan
Certification: Private, Instrument
Date Posted: 21:13, 20 02 2008
Message: I'm quite interested in your log book. I'd like to break out the model a bit more than it seems your database allows - PA28/140, PA28/160, PA28/161, PA28/R/180, PA28/R/200, PA28/R/201, etc.

Is it possible to increase the number of fields in the model section?

Jim Hogan

Affirmative Jim. Just enter the model as you wish into the respective field (Aircraft Model). After saving the record you will see your "new" AC Model in the dropdown field.

Name: Frank Byron
Certification: CFII ASEL AMEL
Date Posted: 23:34, 03 05 2007
Message: Love it!! thank you for your assistance!!

Name: Eric Tallberg
Certification: PPL ASEL
Date Posted: 17:58, 24 07 2005
Message: Great product. If there are updates, will current users be notified via email? One feature request, when entering time, I enter the time via the HOBBS which includes the time on the ground taxiing. I'd like to enter a time for actual flight time from tak off to landing and see the time enroute. Are there suggestions on how I can use the logbook differently to show the flight time as opposed to total time?

Thanks again for the product. It's made tracking time a whole lot simpler.

Eric, yes - our customers will be notified for updates via email. Have you thought about renaming the field OTHER TIME to AIR TIME? By doing this all fields (Other Time) in the respective reports will automatically be renamend to Air Time..

Name: Mark H.
Certification: n/a
Date Posted: 21:22, 19 06 2005
Message: seems nice thus far!

Name: Wayne H. Morgan
Certification: CPL Rotorcraft Instrument Military Helicopter
Date Posted: 23:37, 13 04 2005

Name: Brad Furey
Certification: CPL ASEL/AMEL CFI
Date Posted: 11:00, 03 04 2005
Message: While the product is a very worthwhile tool, I was most impressed by the after purchase support and technical assistance. The staff spent considerable time and effort working up a means for me to capture the pertinent information from my collection of log books spanning over 20 years. If someone is looking for an electronic log book I would highly recommend yours.

Name: Eric Tallberg
Certification: Studentpilot PPL ASEL
Date Posted: 14:08, 22 01 2005
Message: Thanks for the online logbook. So far it seems to be fairly intuitive, and well designed. I was hesitent to pay $39 for it, but figured that it may well pay for itself in the future. I will utilize the hand-written one while still a student, and will then use this for my future flying.
Do you plan on creating a version that might work on a PDA, and be transferable to the .mde version on Windows XP? This might be very handy for the pilots who use the PDA that also hold the GPS info, and if transferable, this would make it much more of a versitile application. At this point, pilots still need to hand write all of the information, and logically it is just as easy to keep things on paper if it's already there. I'm a computer geek in nature, so I like these little apps to play around with.
Either way, good app, and hopefully you have some programmers that can program Palm or Windows CE to integrate this product.

Name: John C.
Certification: CPL Helicopter
Date Posted: 23:13, 13 11 2004
Message: I've been searching for some time to find a log book suitable for helicopter use. I asked them if they could modify a few things. Which in turn ended up being quite a few. In the end the helicopter version is one of the best e-log books ive found for helicopters. I would highly recommend this to anyone lloking for an e-logbook.

Name: Matt
Certification: ATPL LearJet / Citation
Date Posted: 21:31, 25 10 2004
Message: I wanted to post for viewers my appreciation. These guys took a lot of time out answering questions I had using the demo mode. Took critiques and implemented improvements. For me, it's a program simple yet functional, and after trying several logbook demos, think these guys are the best value. I have passed on the word to frinds, to look at the logbook.
Believe it or not, no I do not work for their marketing! I fly out of Dallas Love Field, Tx. Look for N580RC. Thanks for offering a great program.

Name: Matt
Certification: ATP
Date Posted: 23:37, 20 10 2004
Message: Hi
I recieved your reply regarding my inquiry about "system.mdw" I copied this over. Still no luck. Not too PC savvy. I also retried downloading the logbook files to try again. Still no luck. Any suggestions?
Thanks for your time

Matt, thank you for your email. Obviously there is something wrong with your Access installation (missing ".dll" file) - check your mail, We have altered the code of the log application for you. Please open the attachment and just run the setup file again. :-) Fly safely, Fabian

Name: Ian Scott
Certification: ATP
Date Posted: 00:16, 19 10 2004
Message: Access doesn't recognize the demo data base.

Hi Ian,
make sure you have downloaded the correct demo version for your Access application (2000 or XP).. check your e-mail..